Yago Moreira Marques, Lais Natália de Carvalho Santos, Ricardo Fabris Paulin, Erica Carine Campos Caldas Rosa


Gingival Fibromatosis or
Gingival Hyperplasia is a rare disorder
with slow and progressive growth and
is characterized by being a neoplasm in
the gingival tissue, where it can be found
in a localized manner. This study aims
to elucidate the characteristics and possible
manifestations, aiming to facilitate
its identifi cation, treatment and control.
Methodology: This is a literature review.
Forty-two articles and theses with languages
in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
were researched, whose sources
are Scielo and Pubmed, and 25 articles
were included for their relevance to the
topic. Literature review: Gingival fi bromatosis
is a clinical manifestation present
in several genetic syndromes that can
lead to a craniofacial involvement that is
characterized by the expansion and accumulation
of connective tissue with increased
number of cells and collagen fi bers.
Fibromatosis has a proliferation of well-diff
erentiated fi broblasts with varying amounts
of collagen between proliferating cells
and can be classifi ed as: drug-induced
and hereditary. Through histopathology,
the stratifi ed squamous epithelium is obese
with prominent and elongated ridges,
dense connective tissue and disorganized
cells with slow but progressive growth. It
is also a rare disorder of non-neoplastic
gingival tissue (1 case/750,000 people)
that presents normal coloration, fi rm consistency
and absence of infl ammatory
signs. Conclusion: The expression of
Gingival Fibromatosis has several origins,
making it necessary to know the causative
factor in the patient to prepare the treatment
plan according to their needs, so the
conversation with the patient through the
anamnesis is so important at the beginning
of treatment. Oral manifestations are
important clinical fi ndings to assist in the
diagnosis of genetic syndromes, allowing
the dentist to guide their patients and clarify
doubts about dental impairment.



Fibromatosis; Gingival bromatosis; Hereditary gingival fibromatosis.

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